Fresh   Free Range   GM Free   Local  Organic

About The Real Milk Company

Providing people with fresh, free range milk, eggs, bread, veg and ice cream on a daily basis direct from producer to consumer, Via our specialist milk Vending machine!

New Holbeck Farm is a fourth generation farm, extending to 182 hectares (450 acres) with an additional 210 rented, everything we do is farmed organically under Organic farmers and Growers industry standards.

At New Holbeck Farm we have a passion for the environment and have a range of wild flower margins and wild bird covers, we have also dug out 4 ponds to encourage a wide range of wildfowl onto our farm, we have nest boxes for owls and kestrels, and have installed a wind turbine and solar panels to make our farm self sufficient in electricity and to lower our carbon footprint on the environment. We have also previously won the Wilkinson award for conservation and the environment and became a finalist again this year. 

We now feel that it is time to sell our produce direct to the local public and have invested in a new specialist milk vending machine, meaning you are able to come and help yourself to real milk anytime from 7am - 7pm 365 days a year......even Christmas!

We also have a few free range hens laying a range of coloured eggs that will always be available in the milkshed as well as bread and cakes from Hambleton bakery and our very own Real Milk ice cream currently available in a small range of flavours! 

Our Promise

Organic feed

All our feed for our cows is fully organic..

Free Range

Our cows are out at grass whenever possible, usually 8 - 9 months of the year, for the rest of the year they have a cosy deep, warm straw bed in our cubicle house.


We began converting to organic on June 1st 2015, this is a 2 year process to become fully certified. We do not use any sprays or artificial fertilizers.

As of 1st June 2017 we are now fully organic.

Your Milk

Your milk is pasteurised but other than that it is completely "real" meaning you will get an old fashioned layer of cream on the top, if this isn't your thing then just give it a shake and it will all mix back in.